ALP says Aussies can choose either $300 electricity credit or half a basket of groceries

Cost of living relief is here! Both the Western Australian and Federal Governments have announced electricity credits for the punters – $400 from the Cook and $300 from the Albo Government. 

The news is no doubt a relief to everyone who has been forced to sell their appliances to cover the relentless rent increases they have been bombarded with for the past 3 years. 

So Albo has announced that anyone who doesn’t want electricity can opt for more immediate relief to the same value – half a basket of Colesworth groceries. 

A spokesperson for the ALP told The Times,

“Every Australian deserves the right to choose immediate relief if the cost of living is crippling them. We have crunched the numbers and it looks like you’ll be able to fill a typical Coles or Woolworths handbasket to about 50% of its capacity if you rummage through the discount bins like the peasant you are”

The news has been met with mixed responses. We spoke to a “green thumb” who admits he doesn’t need a power credit if his neighbour is getting one. He added,

“Idiot still hasn’t worked out why his bill is so high. I’ll tell you who is high though, me. Anyway, I’m looking forward to picking up a couple of packets of chicken nuggets and maybe some cheese with the $300, cheers Albo”

Another WA citizen wasn’t very pleased. Stating that $300 credit at the supermarket was a slap in the face. She added,

“Half a basket he reckons? What planet is Albo living on? I filled half a basket for $500 last week! I should have put the lamb down”

We understand Roger Cook is in the process of working with the Federal Government to see if punters can combine their two credits and redeem a full handbasket of Colesworth fare.

$700 well spent I think we can all agree.