Awkward scenes as Coldplay frontman misidentifies Garden Island as Rotto

Chris Martin has undone a lot of WA goodwill this morning after taking a morning cruise down the coast to unwind after the first Coldplay concert at Perth Stadium last night.

While looking out the window whimsically, he got the attention of all his band members and announced, “look, Rotto” while pointing at a suspiciously visible land mass across the ocean.

Alas, Martin was pointing at Garden Island which his WA driver was quick to correct him on – and by correct, we mean almost swerve off the road in disgust. We also understand the WA Government has asked the band to pay back an undisclosed amount of the multi-million dollar fee they were paid.

We managed to track down the driver who said it was tough to hear. Adding,

“He’s done everything right so far. He’s delighted all the weirdo Perth Coldplay fans and really put the spotlight on Perth’s pulling power. Then he goes and does that”

The driver was quick to communicate the blunder to the team waiting back at Crown Towers and when the band arrived he was mobbed by punters wanting to give him some “friendly advice”.

We spoke to a Crown Towers guest who said he saw Chris Martin walk by the pool and was compelled to yell at him. Adding,

“I whistled the Ship to Shore theme and said that’s Garden Island ya dick head! It was the talk of the town. He was very apologetic and said he just saw an island and assumed it was Rotto. Piss poor mate”

Another punter was cheeky enough to ask the hotel staff to deliver a special map he drew on a bar napkin which was titled “idiot tourist map”. It was a crude drawing of the coast, Rotto and a large arrow.

To atone for his sins, Martin has hinted at being keen to take a quokka selfie on the actual Rottnest Island. If he can find it!

Bloody dingus!