Corporate miners rejoice as Twiggy further safeguards their look with Akubra purchase

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has added Akubra to his “Australian Collection” of companies after he and his wife purchased the iconic brand recently.

Most notably, Akubra will sit next to R.M Williams in his portfolio which is a massive win for Western Australia’s corporate miners. Safeguarding their Terrace Cowboy aesthetic for generations to come!

We spoke to a corporate miner who said he often lay awake at night worrying about the future of Aussie companies that make gear that helps him feel like a real man. Adding,

“It’s a tough economy out there and you have to wonder how many people are affording luxury Akubra hats in this market. Luckily, Twiggy has stepped in and assured every corporate mine has access to one and we couldn’t be happier”

According to Twiggy, the corporate miner “look” is what truly fuels this country. He told The Times,

“People think that the mining industry is about what is in the ground. Wrong. It’s about the connections you form at Diggers & Dealers and you ain’t making those connections unless you look the part. Rocking the Twiggy, they call it”

Hobby farmers (of whom there is quite an overlap) have joined corporate miners in their sentiments. Many owe the allure of rocking an Akubra while paying a farmhand to do all the work to be the reason they got into the game, to begin with.

We spoke to a hobby farmer who said Twiggy was looking out for the little guy and it meant the world to him,

“When I put on that Akubra, watch out! I like to ride around with my 22 in my 300 feeling like a ridgy didge jackaroo. It gets me very hard and the wife says I don’t need my little blue pills after cosplaying as a proper bloke all day”

To further safeguard the look, Twiggy is apparently in negotiations with both LandCruiser and Land Rover to acquire those brands. Especially after LandCruiser has dropped the ball in recent years with massive delays.

A spokesperson for Twiggy told The Times that Twiggy personally flew to Japan when he heard some of his team were still waiting on their order. Adding,

“Every corporate miner has the fundamental human right to drive around in a 4WD that will never be used for 4WD’ing”

Well said, Twiggy, well said.

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