Marriage On The Rocks As F45 Hubby Refuses To Defect To Body Fit With Wife

A seemingly idyllic relationship has sailed into choppy waters after Sara defected from F45 to Body Fit last month. Her hubby Adam refuses to betray his training gym and Sara is now mortified she’s even associated with someone still doing F45, let alone married to them. 

The couple estimates that they’ve said about 5 words to each other since the initial argument. We caught up with Sara who had spent the time scrubbing all evidence of F45 from her social media footprint. She told The Times,

“Seriously, F45? What is this, 2019? Everyone in my new Body Fit Training gym looks at me with pity – they know my husband is basic. I really can’t stand being in the same room as him anymore. Major ick”

Adam however has accused his wife of being delusional and jumping on the next fad while forgetting she was exactly the sort of person to jump on the F45 fad, to begin with. He told The Times,

“I know the owner of the F45 gym and he’s doing it tough now his fitness cult is out of favour. I really don’t give a shit as long as I get a workout in. I think Sara just wants to wear a heart monitor and out-heart-rate all her gym buddies. Frankly, she’s the traitor”

In a sign that the pair are no closer to repairing the damage, Sara’s IG has become a grotesque swine to her new fitness family. She’s even replaced the “Adam 💍” in her bio with “BFT 4 Life 👊👊👊”

Similarly, Adam has intensified his F45 regime by ensuring he gets up earlier than Sara each morning to land the first story post of the day. By all accounts, it isn’t healthy competition. 

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