Bike cop training goes wrong at Elizabeth Quay

We all remember the first time we learned to ride a bike. It was a brutal, frightening experience.

Now imagine you are in the WA Police Force and are told you must undertake advanced bike technique training. So far so good.

Then they tell you it will be done in full view of the public, on a nice sunny day at Perth’s Elizabeth Quay. Getting dogged by the force.

Check out the footage sent in by Stevie observing from a sweet vantage point:

We can see officer has failed to allocate their weight properly and, to use a technical term, eats shit. At least it’s set against a beautiful backdrop!

Moral of the story is that until you can 360 those steps and then pop a wheelie while riding off into the sunset, perhaps pick a more discreet training area.

Or don’t. Makes for good viewing.

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