Coldplay arrive in Perth early to enjoy a cheeky ride on the Armadale Line before it’s too late

Famous environmentalists, Coldplay, have arrived in Perth via private charter today ahead of their weekend shows at Perth Arena.

The band originally had intended to just swoop in on Friday arvo in an effort to skirt their quokka selfies obligations to the State. Alas, riding the Armadale Line was a “bucket list” item for frontman Chris Martin.

A source close to Coldplay told The Times that the lead singer moved heaven & earth to make sure he didn’t miss his chance,

“It’s the dream of every young Englishman born in Whitestone – to one day become big enough to leave the village and go toe to toe with Perth’s infamous Armadale Line. When Chris heard it would be closing down on Monday he really got a move on”

After landing in Perth, Chris spent several hours trying to work out how to get to the Airport Line. From there, he took the train directly to Perth and then got on the Armadale line telling passengers around him that he wanted to feel “every second of it”.

We spoke to an Armadale Line passenger who spotted the star around the Kelmscott mark and said he’d never seen anyone so chuffed to be rolling towards Armadale, he told The Times,

“I thought, gee wizz, another feller off his head on the Armadale Line but it turned out to be Christ Martin. He was ranting about how the train line was depicted as yellow on the maps and would intermittently break out into that depressing song of his”

Another commuter caught Chris later in the journey at the Gosnells mark. He said a Train Cop got on and asked to see his ticket. Alas, the superstar had only bought a 2 zone ticket, oh, Chris!

Thankfully, Chris was a good sport and said he fully expected t be threatened with pepper spray at one point along the journey. His politeness only infuriated the TransPerth officers and right before he was put in a headlock and dragged off he produced two tickets to his Sunday show.

By all accounts, the gesture really lightened the mood and Chris was once again free to travel towards his terminus. He even made a pregnant teen’s day after sharing some of her Monster Energy drink and letting her get a selfie at the end.

Welcome to Perth Chris! By the way, you will take another Quokka selfie whether we have to drag you over there kicking & screaming. It’s just the law, pal.

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