Jim’s group reveal new venture

Jim’s Group, best known for Jim’s Mowing and Jim’s pandemic tantrums announced this week that it would be dipping its toes into the lucrative world of beauty franchises.

While it is unclear if the “prankster” at the helm is joking it is clear that his real passion lies in the lucrative world of OFs. A source from within the group told The Times,

“It’s basically a rolling movie set. A one stop shop for posting OF content all in the back of some bloke’s filthy van. It could really take this group to the next level”

Some have even picked up on the fact that Patrol owners had been advertising the business via stickers they picked up in Bali. Jim playing the long game!

As part of the agreement, Franchisees will get cameras, lights, lubricants and even an allowance to have a fluffer in the van for the male OFs creators.

Understandably, interest in the franchise has been running hot. We managed to speak to an Andrew Tate fan who thought the move was a step on the right direction to being more like his idol. He told The Times,

“It’s fairly perfect because I spend a lot of money on OFs so it’s only fair I claw some of that back. I’m a little worried about seeing how the sausage is made but I’m sure it will be as glamorous as shooting lewds in the back of a Hi-Ace can be”

The man himself Jim has even hinted at releasing a special promotion where he films himself farking over all his franchisees with onerous agreements and tight margins.

As for the OF’s models, we spoke to one who thought it was a great idea. Claiming to be in the top 1% she told The Times that getting her boyfriend and his uncle to help was not a dignified experience. Adding,

“I’m obviously his queen but he’s so weird about it. So what if I ask him to put in a few hours sending naughty texts back to my followers, I’m doing this for US. I also don’t like the way his uncle looks at the raw shots”

Sounds wonderful Jim.