Bluey to air an ep on how not to be a trailer-dodging nuffie in honour of Bunnings collab

Typically, hit kid’s TV series Bluey is about gifting parents with important lessons to better raise their own crotch-pups.

However, after striking a deal with Bunnings to rebrand some of their stores to “Hammerbarn”, Bluey will be releasing a special episode on how to not be a weekend warrior, trailer-dodging flog.

We spoke to the producers of the show that said it’s very much in line with their values as kids learn a lot from the behaviour of their folks. Adding,

“We want every kid in Australia to be saying, ‘Dad, that doesn’t fit, let’s hire a trailer’, to us that would be a huge service to the community and what the episode is all about”

In the episode, Bandit heads down to Hammerbarn in his Jeep to pick up some supplies for a structurally unsafe pergola he is making at home.

After a chinwag with several employees, Bandit attempts to overburden his little red Jeep in a manner that will clearly be hazardous for other road users.

That’s when an alpha dog in the car park confronts Bandit and emasculates him in front of his children. The producers added,

“No child should have to see their dad humiliated in a Bunnings carpark but sometimes that’s what’s needed to get some basic safety through a mouthbreather’s head”

After attempting to drive off and sending a hefty length of wood through another man’s windscreen, Bandit breaks down and admits to his family that he’s the worst sort of weekend warrior and tried to rip off his Bunnings trade hoodie. Screaming that he’s not fit to wear it.

The kids then console their weeping father and Chilli goes and hires a trailer, attaches it to the tow bar and uses her foxy little charms to get some staff to help load it.

All in all, it’s a heart warming story that a lot of Aussie blokes need to see.