Entitled Dog Owners To Be Leashed, Muzzled Under Radical Plan To Prevent Attacks

To prevent unnecessary attacks, a radical WA plan seeks to keep the community safe from entitled dog owners by requiring they be leashed at all times in public. 

Not only will the leash prevent the entitled dog owner from entering a public environment where their negligent dog rearing could result in an incident but the muzzle will help stop the subsequent human attack when they are told they are at fault. 

A spokesperson for the WA Government told The Bell Tower Times,

“Every day, dogs are being unfairly blamed for the inconsiderate actions of their owners. Instead of training their four-legged friends and ensuring they have control over them in public, they adopt a she’ll be right attitude and frankly don’t give a shit”

Every week, hundreds of accounts flood social media of dog walking incidents caused by hounds being allowed off their leashes. 

In the past, local councils have tried to prevent this by insisting dogs be kept on a leash at all times except in certain areas. However, this has never gone to the heart of the issue. 

Needless to say, the “don’t tell me what to farken do” mentality has mixed nicely with the “my baby would never hurt anyone” mindset to create an incredibly inconsiderate breed of dog owner. One that needs to be leashed to protect the community. 

Under the plan, owners who have proven they really don’t care about the welfare of other people in public will be required to be accompanied by a responsible adult and leashed in public areas at all times. 

Muzzles will be ordered for entitled dog owners, who not only show a disregard for other dogs in the vicinity but get aggressive and territorial towards humans when called out on their bullshit. 

Heavy fines will apply for any responsible adult who fails to control their entitled dog owner. The spokesperson told us,

“It’s all about socialisation. We only want to see these dog owners leashed up until the point where they can frolic around in open society without being obnoxious, self-centered morons. We are suggesting the responsible adult brings a bogey treats, like cans of Jack Daniels to reward considerate behaviour”

Thousands across community FB groups are stoked at the proposed laws while others take a contrary view. Proud Pit Bull Mastiff owner, Brad, who has encouraged his baby to aggressively defend his backyard for “lols” told us,

“My dog, my choice, if your little toy dog didn’t want to get bit maybe it shouldn’t have been at a dog park. I don’t see how a leash on my dog helps the leash on your dog protect you anymore. This isn’t the first time the system has tried to muzzle Brad, no one muzzles Brad”

Stay safe out there dog walkers.

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