BREAKING: Simmo to be replaced by bloke who comments “play the kids” on every Eagles article

West Coast has sent shockwaves through the footy world today after announcing head coach Adam Simpson will be replaced by Daryl from Belmont who has made a name for himself demanding that the Eagles “play the kids” on every footy article in the past 3 years.

The board confirmed they were impressed with Daryl’s game plan and the confidence he had in being able to turn around the Eagles season with his philosophy.

We spoke to Daryl who said he was not surprised by the announcement and had been waiting for this moment for years. He told The Times,

“About bloody time! Why can’t those flogs get it through their thick heads that they have to PLAY THE KIDS. I expect under my coaching we’ll finish top 8 this year and another premiership in 5 years”

After hearing the news, Daryl took to social media to “give it to” every other commenter who had called him a nuffie and suggested he sober up.

We spoke to a man who often clashed with Daryl’s coaching style online. He admitted the news had humbled him and perhaps it was he who was wrong. He added,

“Daryl got the job and I have to accept that. I advocated for the senior players stepping up and he would pop a blue vein telling me that they had to play the kids”

Congratulations Daryl.

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