Carousel shopper looking forward to a relaxing commute through the South East corridor of hell

Donna, an avid Westfields Carousel shopper is amping herself up for the favourite part of their shopping experience – fearing for their life on the Albany Highway stretch leading to their beloved shopping centre.

Donna has been shopping at Carousel for years and says she is amazed that she has only had 10 bingles, 56 road rage incidents, and only 1 attempted car jacking. Adding,

“Each and every time I actually make it to my destination I am so much more grateful for being alive. Driving the Cannington stretch of Albany Highway should be used as therapy although it could all go horribly wrong”

Despite her extensive experience, Donna says that you can never truly prepare for what the area will throw at you.

She went further to describe the patch as a sort of cross between Mad Max and the Kwinana Motorplex. Adding,

“I don’t think anyone knows why the traffic is so hectic around that area. Nor why people are so angry but it makes for the perfect storm of predictable unpredictability hehe. It’s my naughty little rush”

Donna’s partner of 10 years has urged her to get a new hobby and pointed out that smash repairs over the years have become their biggest budget expense. He told The Times,

“Last time I went with her, I watched two long haired louts get into a bingle before they got out and tried to MMA fight each other in the middle of Albany Highway. Then I saw two rubberneckers get into a crash of their own before blaming the louts and joining in on the road smash. I thought to myself, why can’t we just go to Garden City like normal people?”

Why indeed.

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