Man who lives on the Perth Airport train line is still insisting you pick him up 

Defiant Maylands man, Greg, has messaged several friends & family members today before departing from a little getaway in Melbourne with an urgent plea.

Despite arriving at PER at around 2 pm and living within walking distance from the Maylands train station he insists someone does the WA thing and gives him a lift home. 

A mate who Greg knows has a day off was contacted at about 9:30 am and really didn’t feel like a drive from Kardinya to the airport when he had some pork-recorder solos & Netflix to catch up on. He allegedly told Greg that he should jump on that new train, it’ll go right to his door.

We understand Greg immediately struck his mate from his contact list and vowed to never speak his name again. Not for refusing a lift but for suggesting he should catch public transport. He told The Times,

“Yeah, I’m not doing that. I don’t care how convenient it is, I think it’s every Perth resident’s birthright to get a lift to & from the airport. It’s how I was brought up and it’s how I’ll raise my boys. How dare he ask me to do that”

Rather than risk waiting at a Perth Airport train station for 15 minutes and then braving an 8-minute walk home, Greg managed to guilt his mate into leaving work early to perform the favour. His mate told The Times,

“Standard Greg I think his motto is death before public transport. Anyway, I didn’t want to use up a favour at work but he reminded me of the time he picked me up from a redeye flight 2 years ago. I really don’t think this is comparable but he was pretty insistent”

Now that isn’t to say Greg wasn’t grateful. He just expresses his gratitude within the boundaries of a deep-seated WA entitlement to get a lift from the airport. This a contentious point amongst FIFO workers who can never find someone keen on a 4 am run. 

How did he show this appreciation? By going on a little 2fa shopping spree when his mate inevitably had to fill up his car with petrol after the airport run. Who said chivalry is dead?

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