Chinese Premier honoured with customary 6167 neck tattoo to commemorate his trip to Kwinana 

The people of Kwinana have made Chinese Premier Li Quang feel welcome this morning by bestowing him with a customary 6167 neck tattoo.

Li Quang was in Kwinana this morning to visit the Lithium Refinery, sample the goods at Kwinana Hub Chicken Treat and finally enjoy a day at the world-famous Kwinana Beach. 

A member of his entourage said the Premier was honoured to receive the postcode tattoo and confirmed it was already trending in China. Adding, 

“It’s good to see mutual respect between our countries. This customary Kwinana body art is a sign that China wants to play ball with Western Australia at least until the resources are depleted. You should see how many young Chinese boys and girls are wearing the 6167 postcode with pride”

Indeed, TikTok is awash with Chinese influencers showing off their Kwinny ink. With many even learning the local dialect. 

It could be the first time that #whatyoulookingat and #illmakeyoupiss is trending on TikTok. 

We spoke to a Kwinana local and asked him what he thought about little Kwinny being the hotbed with Sino-Oz diplomacy. He told The Times,

“Fark yeah, it’s sik bud. I invited him down to the Tav and he said he was keen as long as Twiggy wasn’t going to be there. Apparently, he can’t get Twiggy to stop calling him and asking him to come and check out some new iron ore he’s been working on”

Classic Twiggy.