You’d Think Perth Residents Would Be Used To A Little Ice Before Starting Their Day

Perth has awoken to one of the coldest mornings in seven years and the fine citizens have wasted no time complaining about the conditions. 

Many have also crumbled under the pressure of remembering how to defrost a windscreen – knowledge that your average resident only needs to use a few times per year sadly gets lost in the cluttered filing cabinet of WA grey matter.

We spoke to one man who claims he was “two seconds away” from grabbing a kettle full of boiling water to give his windscreen the defrosting of a lifetime. He told The Times,

“How TF does it go again? Heater on full blast? Do I just wipe the inside with my fkn forearm while trying to drive? Why am I like this? I’m just going to get some boiling water that’s a good idea right?”

He isn’t alone. RAC reports that driving with a frosted windscreen is responsible for over ½ the bingles on cold winter mornings. A spokesperson told The Times,

“It’s not that hard. Air conditioning all the way. Just relax, turn on your air con and enjoy a coffee while your cafe sorts itself out. Pretty sure new cars have special buttons for this anyway. Just take a deep breath Perth, we all know you don’t mind a bit of ice in the morning”

Perth’s coping skills were further tested with one Perth woman deciding to call in sick after she could see her breath. Adding,

“Nope, not dealing with it. I walked outside and I felt like puff the magic dragon. Then I heard it was below 1 degree in the city? I’m not built for that. I don’t want to be dramatic but the combination of temperature and wind on the Terrace would literally kill me”

This was despite the woman wearing a jacket suitable for climbing Mount Everest. Get a grip Perth. Get a grip. 

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