Community Devastated By Closure Of Store They Hadn’t Stepped Foot In For 15 Years 

The news that CD chain Sanity will be closing all physical stores by April has sent shockwaves through a community that hasn’t stepped foot inside one for the better part of 15 years. 

We spoke to Allanah who, if she’s being honest, didn’t even know Sanity was still operating. She was holding back the tears of nostalgia as she told The Times,

“It’s so sad when a brick & mortar store closes down. I can’t understand how this could happen. Do you think if I’d spent a single dollar there over the past 2 decades it would’ve helped?”

Couldn’t have hurt Allanah. Couldn’t have hurt. Similarly, we spoke to John who had joined the queue at his local shopping centre’s sanity which formed after the news it was going to close down. He told The Times,

“It’s just like Blockbuster and Sizzler. Man I spent 3 days in a line to get into Sizzler when they announced it was closing. I can’t believe we just let these iconic stores slip by us. I remember I bought mum a DVD box set in 2007. I did by bit”

Indeed, he did. If only everyone in Australia could’ve bought just one DVD box set from the chain we’d still have the stores in the future to walk past and say “wow Sanity is still going”.

In good news for the chain moving online, there will be record sales in the 3 months closing down period. WA only wants you when you’re closing down. 

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