Morley Pleads With Closing Down Sanity – “Don’t Leave Us Too!”

It has been an emotional rollercoaster for Morley over the past few years. They have lost more than most of us could bear to handle in a lifetime and they are about to lose one more store from yesteryear that is so vital to its suburban identity – Sanity. 

See, Morley is once like a beautifully preserved fossil for all of Perth to enjoy in the museum of life. It was a place where you could flaunt your frosted tips while you visited Sanity and sized up a new CD to smash in your brand spankin’ 60-second skip-resistant walkman. 

Then you could try your luck hiring 7 weekly rentals from Blockbuster without chipping away at your ever-expanding late fee. Finally, slam dunking the day by entering human-python mode and attacking anything at the Sizzler salad bar that moved. 

Come April, the final leg of this holy trinity will have closed. We spoke to a long-time Morley resident who said the news was “horrifying”, adding,

“We are doing our best to resist the sands of time but I feel we are losing that battle now. Morley is dangerously close to moving into the 2000s and I can assure you not a single one of us wants that to happen. Please Sanity, expand your empire here!”

We can report that Morley has personally written to Sanity and pleaded its case. Saying that an entire floor of Galleria could be turned into a Sanity super emporium. Promising intense interest from the public. 

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