Coupla old mates celebrate 20 years of friendship despite not uttering one comprehensible word to each other in two decades

Ted & Curly met 20 years ago after Curly set up shop on a barstool across the way from Ted’s position at the bar. From there, a lovely friendship blossomed despite neither being big on conversation. 

To mark the incredible occasion, the pair exchanged a tiny bit of eye contact as they gave each other a stern yet respect filled nod at the start of their Fridee session. 

A bartender that had been fortunate enough to watch the friendship bloom for the past 5 years told The Times,

“Yeah they haven’t said a single word to each other since I’ve been here. I think Curly once laughed at something Ted yelled at a guy with a man bun who was obviously lost. You can feel the warmth though”

Speaking through a patron who speaks fluent old mate, Curly told The Times,

“I like Ted, he shuts up when I’m doing me drinking and I shut up when he’s doing his drinking. I’ve never had a better mate”

According to Ted, things like “conversation” and “decipherable words” were overrated. Adding, “*incomprehensible old mate gibberish* cob”

It was a compelling point and it was quite endearing how the men could communicate through a series of old mate grunts, groans and grumbles. A bar chick told The Times,

“They definitely have their own language. A real non verbal kinda deal. Curly has the best view of the door and he does this kinda grunt when a good looking girl walks in and Ted knows instantly to swivel ever so slightly”

Asked what they were going to do to celebrate the milestone both replied in unison, “middie of Swan”.

It was a beautiful moment and we wish Ted & Curly another 20 years of mateship. 

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