perth rental scam

Demand for Perth rentals so fierce that even property scammers are requiring references from potential victims

You know the Perth rental market is out of control when even scammers are requiring potential victims to jump through ridiculous red tape to even be considered. 

In a shock move, Gumtree and FB rental property scammers have advised potential victims to provide them with at least 2 references to even be considered for a scam on a rental property. 

It’s no secret that the Perth rental market is FUBAR and even scumbag scamlords are in a position to knock back potential ruses given the sheer number of potential victims out there.

We spoke to a real piece of shit who had made a living preying on the desperate. He told The Times,

“It’s a scammer’s market. So we are in a position to be a little pickier on who we swindle. To even be considered for one of our deposit scams we’d ask you to submit a cover letter and 2 references demonstrating you’re easy pickings. Oh, and we will be checking so don’t even bother putting down your brother or mother’s phone numbers”

We spoke to Terry who said he responded to a scammer’s message to rent him a 4X2 in Bassendean for 400pw. He told The Times,

“I knew it was a load of shit but honestly, I just wanted a landlord to tell me I was worth it. Even if that landlord was a dirtbag criminal. Alas, I couldn’t even get an email back from em!”

Another potential-victim of a scam told The Times,

“Having to provide two references from past scams is ridiculous. I asked them whether a reference from a fake-AusPost-email scam would suffice and they told me no, I’d have to find another low life to get scammed by!”

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