Crown Perth introduces new door tag after the Virat Kohli incident

Crown Perth truly have egg on its face after footage emerged of a contractor filming inside Virat Kohli’s hotel room today.

Things came to a head after the Indian superstar shared the video on his Instagram calling for fans to not engage in creepy behaviour in the future. Nevertheless, it has thrust Crown Perth into the spotlight and they are looking to assure other athletes their privacy is assured.

Accordingly, Crown Perth has unveiled a new tag for international & domestic sporting talent to place on their doorknob when they leave their rooms. A simple reminder to their staff & contractors not to enter and film their shit.

A spokesperson for Crown Perth told The Times,

“It’s been a crazy day for us but we’ve been on the phone with our supplier and we’ll roll these tags out in the next few days. Any visiting athlete can just pop one on their door when they leave and feel safe that all their shit won’t be filmed while they aren’t there”

Virat has accepted the apology and states that he would’ve loved the option to put up the tag before he left his hotel room. Stating,

“You know where you stand with a door tag, the do not disturb tag has provided me with countless hours of reassurance in the past. This just makes things a little clearer. I can’t help to think this whole mess would’ve been avoided if I’d had such a tag”

On the flip side, Crown Perth is considering offering lower budget stars the option to “lean into it” and accept a 40% discount for their Truman Show package. A spokesperson told The Times,

“It’s really no different to how athletes share their lives in on the TikTok, we can offer that experience, a real revolving door to their room but for a hefty discount. Think about it”

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