WA man disgraces family name by once again misidentifying Garden Island as Rotto

WA man Smithy has once again dragged his family’s name through the mud by pointing excitedly at Garden Island and exclaiming “look Rotto” while out sightseeing this morning.

To make matters exponentially worse, Smithy was charged with the responsibility of showing some family around who had visited from over east. A responsibility he chucked onto the floor and took a massive ignorant dump on. We spoke to his sister who witnessed every minute of the harrowing scene,

“Every time he does this. I swear he’s a few postcode tatts short of a Rocko family reunion. He pointed it out with such authority too. I think our uncle & aunt even knew it was Garden Island and they’d never visited Perth”

In fact, Smithy’s sister didn’t even bother correcting him this time because a bemused onlooker decided to take matters into his own hands first. A witness to the confrontation told The Times,

“This older bloke was oozing big Perf energy. You could see the disgust on his face when he overheard Smithy make a classic WA faux-pas. He told Smithy it was Garden Island and to either fark off back to where he came from or hand in his WA card”

Unfortunately for Smithy, the damage didn’t stop there. After Smithy’s uncle told his Smithy’s folks about what had happened. Uncle Bruce seemed to think it was a laughing matter until he saw the anguish on his brother’s face. Uncle Bruce told The Times,

“I thought it was a funny story about Smithy being a goose but as it turned out I got him struck off the will. I know my brother can be a bit intense about WA but I guess I underestimated how shameful this kind of mistake truly is”

Not only has Smithy been removed from the will but his invitation to X-Mas lunch has also been revoked until such time as he can prove his eyes aren’t painted on and correctly identify Rotto. 

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