Man Who Just Branded Himself With Seat Buckle Reckons Dog Will Be Fine For Half An Hour

An Ellenbrook man who just about left a permanent branding on his skin after he came into contact with his car’s belt buckle reckons his dog will be just fine sitting in the mobile oven with no air-conditioning on while he pops into Bunnings to abuse staff for about 20 minutes. 

After all, he was good enough to crack the window 10 cm which should totally cool the car down to a level where animal life if possible.

At least according to his non-existent knowledge of heat conduction. He told The Times,

“A dog is very different to a metallic belt buckle mate. Why are you even comparing the two? I’ve never burned my arm patting my dog so what you on about? Mind your own business or I’ll fkn knock ya block off”

Alas, a passerby disagreed with his animal welfare views and decided to take matters into his own hands. Ringing the police and taking it upon himself to smash the man’s window.

What followed could only be described as undignified. We spoke to the good samaritan who told The Times,

“I saw this distressed dog, it’s hot today and he was clearly struggling. So I got him out. Next thing I know I have this crazed methy crab like bogan coming at me saying I’ve got no right to rescue the heat distressed animal”

Animal welfare groups have applauded the actions of the passerby and have even set up a GoFundMe for the man after the now windowless bogan followed him to his car and proceeded to street fight it like a slightly less attractive Blanka. 

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