Ed Sheeran’s Commitment To WA Show Doubted After He Freely Chose To Fly Qantas Here

Ed Sheeran, a pop star with extensive means, chose Qantas airlines to fly into WA last night and many are wondering why the hell he’d do that. It was clearly the actions of a man who wasn’t keen on arriving at his destination. 

Passengers aboard the Qantas MEL – PER flight spotted the power-ranga on board and many speculated that the tired superstar was secretly hoping for either another weekend in Melbourne when the plane turned around or they’d lose all his shit so he’d have to cancel. 

An industry insider told The Times that he was always suspicious when a big name who would probably buy an airline chooses to fly such a shoddy one, 

“No one is doubting Ed’s commitment to his fans. He’s an excellent performer and always does his best but we think maybe deep down, on a subconscious level, the 32 year old, no doubt exhausted from the tour just kinda hoped he’d get a little mystery holiday via Qantas. That’s why you’d’ fly with them”

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Other rumours swirling say that Ed saw the forecast for 30 degrees on Sunday and called it a load of bollocks. A source close to Ed told The Times,

“So, break it down, and realise we are dealing with an English ranga here. 30 degrees. So that’s 35 in the middle of Optus and then take into account all the equipment and such. That’s gotta feel like 40+. Absurd conditions for his kind”

Nevertheless, Ed’s camp has urged the public not to read too much into the singer’s questionable actions and confirmed that Qantas miraculously got everyone to their destination so the show will go on.

Whether or not all his shit arrived or the baggage handlers on some Guatemalan runway are currently rocking out is unknown. 

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