Middle-Aged WA Man Still Believes A Dentist Can’t Show Their Face On TV

A 50-year-old Balcatta man still believes that a dentist is legally bound to never reveal their face on the telly under any circumstances. Claiming that’s how he was brought up and has never seen a reason to challenge that understanding. 

Accordingly, he’s extremely distrustful of any dentist he sees on television. Telling anyone around him that it’s clearly a fake dentist who deserves to be reported to the highest dental authority in the land. His son told The Times,

“It was all due to this ad in the 80s. This Rob feller. I looked into it using this amazing tool called Google, which dad also says is a scam, it turns out dentists just weren’t allowed to spruik products back then but dad took is super literally”

Indeed, the father almost got into a blue with long-trusted dentist after a chat at his last check-up. The dentist admitted that business was a little slow so he was looking into a little telly ad. A dental nurse working alongside the man told The Times,

“Immediately, this idiot sat up. Knocked the suction hose from his mouth and tried to squint at the doctor’s accreditation. He demanded to see it and then questioned what this University Of Western Australia was. Claiming it sounded like a scam uni”

It took 3 dental nurses to calm the man after promising that the doctor himself wouldn’t be appearing in the ad. This was enough to subdue the raging beast long enough to be told he needed another 4 fillings. 

Normally, he’d take the dentist’s advice with no qualms but after that TV bombshell he said he’d be looking for a second opinion. 

It turns out you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. 

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