ex-BASE jumper now taking out contracts with WA builders to satisfy his risk-taking tendencies

A former BASE jumper and all-around lunatic has revealed that throwing himself off buildings, antennae, bridges and cliffs no longer gives him the thrill it once did. 

Instead, the thrill seeker takes out contracts with Western Australian builders for a 3×2 in outer suburban Perth. In his words, “that’s true risk-taking”, adding,

“Fukn YEWWWWWWWWWW, oh man, what a fkn rush bro. I can’t even describe it. You literally have no idea when all your money will be pissed away by an overburdened builder who will pop up a few weeks later with a different ACN. Bring IT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”

Understandably, the young man’s family thinks he’s gone too far. His dad told The Times,

“First it was big wave surfing, then he was jumping out of planes. Then he was jumping off buildings. Then it was contracting a builder to build a building. We are very worried about him. It’s a liquidity issue”

We put it to the young hooligan that the current state of the WA building industry was dire and if he kept pushing the envelope there is a chance he would not be able to come home one day. Because said home wasn’t there. He told The Times,

“That’s what I live off man. I don’t think you normies would ever get it. If BASE jumping is smack, then investing with a WA building for a 3×2 in Ellenbrook is like super-fentanyl. Will it kill my home dream? Maybe. Will it be a rush? HELL YEAH”

Please be careful mate.

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