Exmouth Tourists Complain They Could Endure A Natural Disaster For Half The Price In Bali

Wanderer out yonderers are furious at the torrential rain & flooding in WA’s north claiming that they could’ve experienced a natural disaster in Bali for half the cost. 

Bali is positioned within the “Ring of Fire” which makes it prone to flooding, earthquakes, Tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. All of which doesn’t seem to dampen a Western Australian’s resolve to visit the island even mid-catastrophic event. 

Tom & Barb had taken the fully kitted LandCruiser to Exmouth for a lovely little winter getaway. However, after having to evacuate the town they are demanding satisfaction. Barb told The Times,

“We spent a lot on this trip and it’s very annoying! We just keep thinking we could’ve waited for Mount Agung to throw another hissy fit and enjoyed a natural disaster in 5 star luxury!”

Tom was just as scathing. Telling The Times,

“If the rains are heavy enough in Bali you can get floodwater right to your King’s sized bed. Now that’s service. You even get all those flowers they leave for your arrival floating majestically around. All we got in Exmouth is Emu cans!”

A family of 4 are also ropable that they are paying too much for an experience they could get cheaper. Trev telling The Times,

“Me fishing charter cancelled on me! If this was Bali I would’ve just forced the little villager to take me out. No matter how treacherous the swell. That’s the difference ay, your dollar goes a lot further in Bali, they will bend over backward for ya”

Tourism operators apologise that the natural disaster experience wasn’t as luxurious as some wander out yonderers had hoped. However pleaded with the entitled tourists to manage their expectations,

“You have to remember you are in rural Australia. Prices are high and we thank southerners for spending their tourist dollar here but if you’re looking for the deluxe destructive force of nature package then stop flapping your gums and book a trip to Bali. Don’t just whinge about it in Exmouth”

Tourists throughout the Pilbara are urged to stop their complaining and listening to emergency services announcements that are telling them to seek higher ground. 

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