WA proposes iron ore on new $5 note given the country wouldn’t have any money without it

WA has proposed the nation honour the “true king” of Australia and put a lump of precious iron ore on the new $5 note. It seems more fitting than the antiquated royal head of state idea floating around.

After all, iron ore is Australia’s largest source of export revenue and is credited for keeping Australia out of recession during the pandemic. Alas, the humble mineral substance rarely gets any praise outside of its Pilbara home.

The WA Government was also bullish on the idea. Remarking that the nation wouldn’t even have any money if it wasn’t for the sizable contribution the Federal Government receives from WA’s revenue. Adding,

“You think the nation is going to run off South Australian wine? Or Melbourne hosting a few more sporting events? Nah mate, iron ore, red gold, get it up ya, ya dog”

Not everyone is happy with the proposal. Notably, residents in Kalgoorlie deem the super pit more iconic to the great state. A Kalgoorlie miner told The Times,

“It’s a super pit. You miss the first word there? Super. Why is this even a debate? When people think of WA they think of miners digging bloody big holes. Plus gold is hell better than dirty old ore”

Similarly, Tourism WA would like to see a quokka put on the $5 note to further promote its tourism strategy. However, if people can get a quokka selfie without visiting the island, it kind of defeats the purpose. 

The proposal is set to be considered in parliament this week. More to come. 

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