WA Woman Denied Permission To Leave Bali Until She Uploads Some Floating Breakfast Content

A young WA woman has been detained at Denpasar Airport today after authorities were tipped off that she visited the Island paradise and didn’t upload any content of her (not eating) a floating breakfast at a 5-star resort or villa. 

For years the bargain struck with WA influencers is simple, Bali puts up with your bullshit and in return, you floor the rest of the world with striking images of idyllic floating breakfasts. Which has become the unofficial breakfast of faux-ballers. A spokesperson for Bali told The Times,

“Unacceptable. We’d have her chucked into Kerobokan if we could but we’ll need to push our lawmakers to ratify the law. Why would a young woman come here and not upload a picture of a floating breakfast? Where is she hiding her boogie board bag?”

We spoke to the self-titled “content creator” who said it was all a misunderstanding and she 100% planned to upload the content but decided to milk the Eat, Pray, Love horseshit first. She told The Times,

“I really think my brand as a digital nomad needed some mysticism. I was going to use the floating breakfast and Potato Head content to launch my hot girl summer after X-Mas. I kept explaining this to the authorities and I think they hated me”

Bali confirmed that they did indeed hate her. However, eventually decided to let her off the hook after examining her gallery and finding plenty of evidence of floating breakfasts. This came as a relief to the aspiring influencer who told The Times,

“I will deffs be taking my obligations as a digital skidmark (their words) seriously and to show how serious I was I uploaded myself doing an unimpressive yoga pose at a temple. They took this as a sign of good faith”

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