Freo Dog Uncouples With Owner After Finding Star Signs Incompatible 

A local hound has made the hard decision to “uncouple” with the Freo resident who adopted him after learning he was a Gemini and he was a Scorpio. 

The unworkable mix-up happened due to the unknown origins of the hound but after a local astro-wizard was consulted it was undeniable. The hound was a Gemini. 

We spoke to a local Shaman who told The Time

“Obviously the pair were doing fine. That’s until they discovered they had such critically clashing star signs. I advised my client (the hound) instantly to uncouple with his owner. It was never going to work especially if it hit retrograde”

We spoke to the owner who admitted he was pretty devo to miss his champion of 7 weeks but acknowledged the woo-woo bullshit in the sky didn’t lie. Adding,

“I can’t even comprehend the events of what happened. How could my beloved good boy be a Gemini? I understand his decision to ditch me. How could a human and a dog ever work under these circumstances?”

Nevertheless, the hound in question (Starquake) believes he can find a new owner soon. He told The Times through an interpreter, 

“It’s Leo season and my main has a serious mane. It’s poetic don’t you think? My old owner was my world but after finding out that I wasn’t astrologically compatible I had to move on”

We understand the hound has found a new life with the Leo and is ultimately a lot happier.

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