flagmantle 2022

Flagmantle fan’s plea: “tickets to a home final has been my dream ever since I started supporting them in round 11”

A passionate disciple of the church of Flagmantle has penned a heartfelt post on social media saying he’ll do just about anything for a ticket to Saturday’s clash against the doggies. 

Clearly holding back tears, the young man went on to describe that for “as long as he could remember” (round 11) he bled purple. Telling The Times,

“Seeing the boys spank Melbourne at the G made me realise what a hardcore Freo fan I really was. I guess I never saw it for the first 25 years of my life but I got there in the end and honestly man I’ll slobber chino-snake if you’ve got a ticket for me”

In his post, he offered up incentives ranging from cash to more indecent proposals if someone would be kind enough to get him a ticket to the clash. Not everyone is buying what he’s selling though. A mate told The Times,

“Dude had never watched a Freo game in his life. We were just at a mate’s party in May and he got caught up in Flagmantle magic. Please don’t give him a ticket he’s a poser”

Indeed, accusations were flying fast and thick that old mate’s interest in the Dockers was a classic case of bandwagoning. His girlfriend told The Times,

“He’s not even a member yet he keeps talking about getting his Flagmantle 2022 tattoo done soon. My dad reckons it’s the worst case of bandwagoning he’s ever seen and he was a Richmond fan”

Nevertheless, the haters have not managed to dull his shine as he continues to plead with friends & family on social media to be considered if any tickets pop up. He told The Times,

“I’m pretty sick of being called a fairweather farkwit. If my love of Freo isn’t the same just because I started watching in round 11 then I reckon then so be it. Who are these people anyway, the passion police?”

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