Recipe Blogger Who Skips Entire Life Story Spotted In The Wild, Previously Thought Extinct

A recipe blogger has faced backlash from her peers and audience after simply posting the recipe without an accompanying 2000-word novella about its origins and special meaning to her. Industry insiders say her failure to adhere to the accepted norms of recipe blogging made her a loose cannon and no one knew if they could trust her. 

In her “disrespectful” blog post she had the audacity to only include a short introductory paragraph about the joys of winter warmers. 

She then had the nerve to launch straight into the ingredients list and then a clear, no waffling guide to combining the ingredients in a way as to create a meal. 

One of her peers who had just finished her 3000 word thesis on the importance cheese & toast played in her upbringing told The Times,

“Where was the self-indulgence? Where was the little history lesson? Does she think people actually just want to follow a simple cookery guide to make dinner on a Sunday night? No, it’s about us. We are the stars”

Similarly, a punter who came across the recipe was outraged that their time was respected. Telling The Times,

“I didn’t even need a full recipe. I just wanted to know if carrot was used and I found my answer within a few seconds. How dare she. Who does she think she is?”

We understand a group of cooking bloggers have confronted the renegade and advised her to ensure her next recipe is buried under at least 4 full page scrolls or there would be “consequences”. 

An anonymous blogger added this final thought,

“If she keeps this shit up then people will come to expect it and then we can’t live out our sad Masterchef audition tape fantasies before every generic shitty recipe we pump out”

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