Group of blokes in puffer jackets & chinos pretty excited after hearing about JK’s huge “bag”

A group of western suburbs lads have been sent into a frenzy after hearing about the sheer volume of JK’s bag. 

The rugby union fans didn’t watch the game but their interest was piqued after a friend messaged one asking “did you see Kennedy’s bag?”

Naturally, the group thought this referred to a big baggie of Peruvian muling powder and became footy fans in an instant. 

A witness who was at the pub with the group told The Times,

“They have no idea about footy terms and I’m pretty sure these 4 clowns thought bag related to their favourite nasal pastime. Clearly, it was about JK’s 8, what a legend”

So enthused by the sound of this huge bag, the group went on a messaging marathon to track down who was slinging these generous servings. 

A moussed-up cock in Patagonia told The Times,

“Everyone just kept talking about this Josh guy’s bag. What were we to think? I rang my usual contacts until they picked up and asked who had one. It’s a major part of my personality man”

Despite being told that “bag” referred to a goa haul above 5, the men are still searching for what they are calling “the holden grail” and whoever this “Kennedy” guy is and whether he has any left. 

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