HJ’s taunts Maccas by introducing a broken ice cream machine to its stores after lawsuit victory

Hungry Jack’s is full of confidence after a Federal Court judge ruled that their “Big Jack” burger didn’t infringe on McDonald’s “Big Mac” trademark (nor did the Mega Jack).

Naturally, HJ’s was keen to continue goading its competition by pushing the boundaries of what is considered “copying”. So they introduced broken piece of shit ice cream machines to each of their store.

A spokesperson for HJ’s said that Maccas was going to throw a hissy fit over this blatant copy of their business model. Adding,

“I’m no not sure you could think of anything more iconic than Maccas and a broken ice cream machine. So we’ve taken a leaf out of their book and advertised it across our stores. Come for the Big Jack’s and stay because the ice cream machine won’t be ready for about 4 hours ha ha”

Maccas has reportedly already instructed their lawyers to send a cease & desist over the lark. Adding,

“Clearly adding broken ice cream machines to their stores is a deliberate attempt at passing off their stores as Maccas stores. We are famous for that and although it isn’t trademarked as such it really does come down to the vibe. That used to mean something in this country”

At the time of writing this article, no injunction has been slapped on HJ’s over the broken ice cream machines so please head down for a big cup or cone of disappointment.

In retaliation, Maccas says it will market itself for half pissed tradies to punch on in the drive through after getting on the beers at tools down.

HJ’s says their lawyers will scorch their fkn earth if they try that.

Well done HJ’s.

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