Honest job applicant admits he wants to be paid while he looks for a better job all day

A young Perth lad looking to crack into the competitive world of dead-end corporate life has told his interviewer that he is looking for the “Australian dream”. 

When pressed on what this meant he reportedly cleared his throat and explained that he was looking for this entry-level job as merely a foot in the door. A place to start his journey while he spends up to 4 hours a day looking for something better. 

An interview present on the panel told The Times,

“Normally we get applicant after applicant talking absolute shit about how this is their dream job. No one dreams of doing this job. It’s a shit fkn job mate. This applicant was perhaps the first to answer honestly”

Another on the panel took a contrary view saying that he didn’t appreciate the young whipper snapper thinking he can bypass the shit-eat-shit world of the corporate hierarchy, adding,

“See, I’m from the old school, where I want people new to this industry to genuinely suffer each day they drag their arses to work. I want to see them on the brink of clinical depression before throwing them a 2.4% salary increase”

The honest applicant said it was in his and his employer’s best interest that he gets a sufficient amount of work done each day to help sell the illusion he gives a shit about the job. A panellist told The Times,

“We get people who blow smoke up our arris during the interview and then don’t really deliver much at all. At least we know this guy will work JUST hard enough to avoid detection while he tries to make his actual dreams come true”

We spoke to the applicant who received the good news that he’d got the job just hours ago. He told The Times,

“People really doubt the power of honesty. I’ll tell you what it’s a lot easier than making up some ludicrous response to what your biggest weakness is. I think the gen X guy on the panel who had mentally checked out of life 10 years ago really felt me”

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