Spud King to disrupt WA energy sector with first large scale potato power station

Turns out someone was paying attention in year 10 science class. Spud king Tony Galati is reportedly close to developing the first large-scale potato power station that could service WA’s power needs for generations to come. 

Dubbed as the ultimate and tastiest renewable energy source, the humble potato is actually an electrochemical battery that can generate a current. 

Of course, powering a little LED on your desk is a long way from supplying an entire power grid but that’s where Galati’s unique set of skills comes in. 

In a pitch to international investors, we understand the spud king simply told them, “I’ve got shit loads of potatoes”. It was enough to garner a standing ovation. 

The news of the first large-scale potato plant has traditional stakeholders “shook”. Any energy source that relies on coal has the burden of expensive mining costs. A problem the spud king doesn’t have. A spokesperson for the energy venture told The Times,

“Mining? No thanks, I’ll give you a little tip, potatoes grow right there in the ground. Retirees can pick em out of their backyards ffs. Potatoes will be our salvation”

We understand at the time of writing this article, Synergy has begun looking into farming land outside of Perth in a desperate bid to not be left behind. 

A source close to Synergy bosses told The Times,

“I reckon you could count the people who are happy with Synergy on half a hand mate. I think the powers that be know that everyone in WA will cross over to potato power if this plant is a success. To put it simply, we might be stuffed like a potato ourselves”

To sweeten the deal, we understand Elon has caught wind of the project and is keen to develop the first potato home batteries to help store potato-generated juice in the event of power line faults and the like. 

Elon is so smitten with the project he has even named his 56th child “spud” in honour of the future of electricity. 

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