PSA: If you’re hot, they’re hot! Aussies urged to ensure British coworkers have water & shade

WA Health is urging the Perth public to consider the comfort of British coworkers today as the mercury is expected to hit the mid 30s. Its message is very simple, if you’re hot, they are hot so make sure to be attentive to their state. 

Offices and worksites are being told to ensure plenty of extra water and shade is on hand to prevent British coworkers from melting into a sweaty puddle of limey misery. A spokesperson for WA Health told The Times,

“We are just urging you to use common sense. If you’re going for a walk at lunch maybe leave them behind today. Also if you are driving anywhere please don’t leave your British coworkers alone in the car. Even if you’re just popping into the shops or you’ve cracked a window. It’s an offence and authorities will take it very seriously”

This comes off the back of an ugly incident in West Perth yesterday when a member of the public was forced to smash a window after an Englishman was seen panting in the passenger seat while his teammates had ducked across to the food court to grab lunch. A witness told The Times,

“He was in the car for maybe 5 minutes alone and you could tell he was struggling. It was 30 degrees after all. When they pulled him from the seat he was weak and could barely tell us that it was foookn coming ommme laddd. It was distressing”

We understand that the driver has been charged with reckless endangerment of an Englishman and will face court early next month. All we can say is that individual won’t be having a very merry x-mas. Something that could’ve been avoidable if he’d used common sense in the heat. 

In other news, WA Health has once again advised workers to really understand the difference between Lynx and proper antiperspirant. Adding, you’re going to need the real stuff today. 

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