Company That Makes Maternity Leave As Hard As Possible Put A Lovely IWD Spread On To Show They Care

A firm in the City has reportedly put on a scrumptious spread for International Women’s Day today. Picking out the finest delectable cupcakes, platters & juices to show every woman that they care. 

This comes in stark contrast to their actions last year of trying their best to crush an employee’s career for having the nerve to take maternity leave when they considered their needs to be greater. An employee at the firm told The Times,

“Yeah, I worked with her and they really drove her to the brink of a mental breakdown. Asking her if it was possible to delay the important bonding period with her newborn while they get a big matter done”

At the luncheon, senior management toasted all the hard work the women in the firm had done. Which only made the formerly pregnant employee remember the implied threats that not “taking one for the team” then would mean she would be unlikely to get the lead on future projects. She told The Times,

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“They are good at legal bullshit jargon but basically they were saying that if I took mat leave to bond with my child now that I’d be sent back to the shitfactory with all the other mid-level shit kickers to work on shit”

Other employees were also reminded of very female-friendly initiatives in the workplace. Like the time a HR manager demanded a doctor’s note after a grad employee took a day off citing period pain. She told The Times,

“Yeah that was a bad day for womanhood but I must say, a glass of bubbly with a strawberry in it is absolutely delightful. All forgiven on my end, they certainly care!”

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