Corporate miner stoked he didn’t have to go to site to irritate a tradie following CBD power outage

A corporate miner got the thrill of his life this morning after being able to give a Perth tradesman the absolute shits by overstepping his mark and trying to tell him what to do.

It all came to be after a nearby power station went down sending the CBD into an eerie darkness. Naturally, corporate miners flooded the street around Brookfield Place. In search of a project to manage.

We spoke to the corporate miner who sniffed out a Western Power contracted tradesman and gave him a few pointers on what he’d do if he was in charge. He told The Times,

“I told him that I had this issue on site a few weeks back and told him that he’d want to make sure he’d turned off the mains power before doing any work. I could tell by the look in his eye that he was very appreciative of my advice and will carry that wisdom with him for many years to come”

He was then seen strutting up and down the Terrace with his lanyard proudly on display. Searching for more advice to dish out in an unsolicited fashion.

We tracked down the first tradie he spoke to and asked him what it was like learning from the best in the business. He told The Times,

“I was about 2 seconds from dropping the bloke. Mate, we’ve bloody got a job to do, everyone breathing down our farken necks to get this dogovacunt power back on and you got this slimey cleanshirt farkwit telling me the most basic shit. Deadset was going to rock him”

We can report that the corporate miner went on to annoy 7 other tradies and came a bit closer to 2-seconds away a particularly nasty jaw-latch after asking one if his PPE had been tested recently.

A City salutes you, sir.

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