Ja Rule Spotted Pitching A “Glamping Festival” On Rotto, Authorities Concerned

Consumer Protection authorities are concerned after reports Ja Rule was in talks with some event promotors to put on a “glamping festival” on Rottnest Island which is famously known for its love of glamping.

Ja Rule was in town for a concert over the weekend and couldn’t resist his entreprenual instinct after hearing Perth had an island that rich people paid way too much to visit. Reports say he was literally licking his lips. A source told The Times,

“Ja was VERY keen when he heard how much people already pay for glamping. He said he had plenty of experience creating a lacklustre island experience”

Needless to say, the consumer watchdog will be keeping a very close eye on the negotiations. With a spokesperson telling The Times,

“Ripping off Western Australians on Rottnest island is a State industry. We don’t want that outsourced to Americans who clearly know a thing or two about it”

A source close to Ja Rule said he was keeping tight lipped about the venture but mused that he hoped Western Suburbs kids liked cheese sandwiches. More to come.

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