Stefanovic Spotted Consulting Simon Katich As Clarke Fracas Gets Ugly

Karl Stefanovic has been spotted seeking Simon Katich’s counsel yesterday as the fallout from the 10th January altercation with Michael Clarke drags on. 

It’s not known what the men spoke about but it’s fairly clear Stefanovic doesn’t want that little pretty boy flapping his gums about the motivations behind the biffo. A spokesperson for Stefanovic told The Times,

“He’s a bit worried that Clarke is going to spill everyone’s business like a little snitch. He’s pretty keen to teach Clarke some discretion and who better to shut him up than Katich?”

Of course, Katich infamously had a  biff with Clarke himself over Clarke wanting to run home to Lara Bingle rather than sing the team song with the team in 2009. 

While we cannot speculate on what Karl and Simon talked about, there were also reports that Karl has been furiously pumping a gripmaster every waking second. It could only mean one thing, Karl is preparing to Katich the pretty boy first chance he gets. 

More on this developing story to come. 

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