Jeep driver opts out of NYE celebrations as he’s already spent tons on a huge letdown that will leave him stranded at the end of the night

A Jeep driver has ascended into a state of permanent New Year’s Eve’ing after buying his untrusty steed some months ago.

Why does he need to spend excessive amounts of an underwhelming experience that only promises to leave him stranded when the mechanical sack of shit breaks down on him yet again?

Polishing his $80k turd on his lawn, Bryce told The Times,

“This is the life of a Jeep driver. You’ll all probably pretty jealous that my life is one giant annual celebration of an arbitrary milestone that no one enjoys but get over it!”

Instead of regular NYE celebrations, Bryce will be meeting up with a community of other Jeep-driving men. A support group if you will.

Together they can talk about what life is like rolling around in a Jeep and share the pain they feel when they pay off another mechanic’s bill and struggle to get Jeep to honour its warranties.

In the words of a fellow Men with Jeep support group member, it’s a “pretty good night”. Adding,

“We do this fun little countdown at midnight where we predict the exact moment one of the blokes is going to start smashing his own Jeep with an adjustable wrench out of frustration because he can’t get home. We get it right to the exact second!”

We contacted Jeep who refused to comment on the “breaking down” parts and said they were just happy people managed some enjoyment from their cars.

(Photo credit: The Buffalo Way)

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