Hectic vehicular incident in Kwinana or clip from the new Mad Max Movie? You decide

Here we see the timeless battle between the hatchback and the dual cab in Calista – a suburb of Kwinana in Perth’s South.

While the back story is lacking we can only assume a significant amount of “yewwwing” was involved in the build up to this road rage scuffle.

According to the poster, it was a domestic fracas and given it’s in Kwinana, lord only knows the intricate details.

Nevertheless, the FOOTAGE speaks for itself. Check it OUT BELOW:

We contacted police about the incident, and they told us there was nothing to worry about and it actually didn’t even make the top 20 hectic incidents in the vicinity for the day. SCROLL DOWN for more road rage incidents:

It looks like there is something lodged in the bonnet of the Hilux too. Any ideas on what that might be?

Police have (actually) said that the parties are known to each other and it’s with them. The festive period bringing out the best in families as per usual.

Another sunny day in K Town!

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