Kalamunda Man Makes Outdoor Glass Setting Available On AirBNB For Kick-Ons

An enterprising young hilldweller has taking the ground breaking step of listing his outdoor glass setting on AirBNB. An impromtpu party set up that he gaurantees is “fucken sik“.

Tyroan was given the idea after a night out several weeks ago in Northbridge. After making his way to the flat land for a party he was left “disguted” that the kick-ons were held at a house with no backyard.

He told The Bell Tower Times,

“It’s everything I stand against. I don’t care how cold it is or what time of night it is, I like to unwind after a big night in an outdoor setting. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to a religion mate”

He recounted his unpleasant experience at having to pop out to the complex car park for a dart each time and feeling “trapped” by the four walls of an enclosed space. He continued,

“Inside is where the fun goes to die. So I had an idea why not provide a service to other young punters who might find themselves without a convenient area to shlop around in after chewing their faces off?”

Indeed, combined with the current battle to secure rentals, Tyroan’s outdoor setting has proven a hit among the local youth and even fully grown hill dwelling bogans who are on their last straw with police for blaring DnB at 5am from their own abodes.

Tyroan tells us the area comes with 6 chairs but you can use his eskies if you need extra seats. Additionally, he has an old pot plant to the side of the table that currrently has 1057 dart butts that you can add to.

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He has a “piece of shit” stereo that doesn’t “have bluetooth or nothing” but can be connected to your phone with a half chewed on AUX cable. He maintains he’s not sure what or who took a bite of the cable but “is what it is“.

In terms of amneities, Tyroan says you can use the outdoor toilet if you “don’t mind red backs” or alternatively, donate some nitrogen to his lemon tree. He stresses it’s a BYO toilet paper situation should you roll the dice with his collection of arachnids.

It’s a tempting environment for anyone wanting to discuss all the worlds problems into the early hours of the weekend. However, Tyroan does warn punters of one thing,

“There’s this flog next door who sometimes gets on it and if he does he’ll try to jump the fence to fight you. Comes with the territory not much ya can do, ay”

Tyroan adds that checkout is 10am sharp and you have to vacate his outdoor setting chairs by that time or risk a late fee. Which he says is “the rest of ya piss if you’ve got anyone and at lesat 5 darts“.

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