Fiscal Trainwreck Of A Man Ready To Run Finance Seminars After Rolling Over Super

It only took several decades but Perth man Rod has finally got around to rolling over his various superannuation accounts and to say he’s chuffed is an understatement. 

Rod is no longer the fiscal trainwreck of a man he once was. By submitting the basic request on the ATO website Rod believes he catapulted himself into the lofty ranks of the likes of Warren Buffet.

Now walking with a bit of a swagger, Rod is keen to pass on the lessons he’s learned to other young Western Australians who may be struggling with their finances. He told The Times,

“I used to be just like you. A total mess but then I became the change I wanted to see in my life mate. I reckon I could pack out the convention centre to give a talk about becoming the captain of your own investment ship”

Not only has Rod rolled over his super accounts but he’s also set up a direct debit to transfer money every week towards his bills. A move he says is a “game-changer”. Adding,

“I feel like I’m giving away too much of the gold for free ha ha. I should be putting this into a book and running lectures – the thong footed investor ha ha”

Rod is currently going on a “tour of Perth” telling anyone who will listen about the big moves he’s made this week. He told The Times,

“You should see some of the looks on bloke’s faces when I tell them I rolled over my super. They look at me like I’m some money wizard. I could get used to this kind of respect ay”

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