Rory Lobb Thanks The Great Cornholio For Dominant Performance Tonight

Rory Lobb has channeled a higher power to get one over St Kilda this evening at Marvel Stadium. That power, of course, was the great cornholio.

Some would call his new look bold however there was plenty of method to his madness. In a post-match press conference, Lobb told The Times,

“No one gets after it like Beavis. He’s a tenacious tiger and the energy he brings to any situation is truly electric. My teepee are goals and my bunghole are my Flagmantle dreams”

Lobb said that channeling the 90’s icon wasn’t just for his benefit. Claiming the stylish look also lifted his team.

Proof of the eating was in the pudding with 4 players scoring double snags and Frederick & the Fyfe-meister scoring 3. Clearly, the Dockers saw the saints as a pack of buttheads. 

This leaves the question, has the Freo skipper come round to another player taking the attention off his own hairstyles? 

A spokesperson for the Fyfe-master General told The Times,

“My haircuts and I are just happy to play a role and do what needs to be done for the Flagmantle dream. If they need my hairstyle playing prominent then I’ll do that but tonight Lobb had it”

Truly a turning point for Fyfe and the Flagmantle train. 

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