Royal Commission To Be Held To Understand How Anyone Could Treat An AU Wagon So Poorly

WA has announced that it has spoken to the Prime Minster and Governor General and a Royal Commission will be held to determine just what has become of society that would see a beautiful AU Station Wagon treated so poorly.

It is believed the AU Wagon was driven at high speeds in reverse on Nicholson Road before being lit up like an Octagerians birthday cake in Kenwick. While it now stands as a beautiful art exhibit capturing the spirit of the suburb, people are still pissed. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office told The Times,

“Unacceptable. You just wait until there are no more AU Wagons on the road and you tell us whether you still think lighting one up is anything short of a war crime. We have half a mind to get Geneva involved. However hopefully, we can determine what went wrong through the usual channels”

We spoke to a prominent sociologist who said cruelty towards endangered cars was the first sign of a society in big trouble. He told The Times,

“When we look at particularly callous incidents of vehicular-abuse we tend to see members within a society that have decided nothing is sacred anymore. You never know what could be next. Maybe a burnt-out Maloo? Will you then demand action from your leaders?”

The main aim of the Royal Commission is to ensure this never happens again. There are only so many AU Wagons still rolling and we should strive as a society to keep it that way.


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