Self-Serve Checkout Rorter Claims He’s Just Doing His Bit To Fight Inflation, RBA Approves

A man busted trying to put through expensive deli meats in mushroom bags today has exclaimed his innocence. Saying he only sought to rip off the supermarket giant to reduce his own spending. In line with the advice from the RBA. 

Ranting passionately to a store manager, the man explained that excessive spending was a key catalyst for rising inflation. A witness in the self-serve checkout section said the man made some good points, adding,

“He said if everyone continues to spend then demand will continue to increase and with it the price of goods & services. He said him personally spending fark all was him doing his bit and he should be applauded not detained”

While Woolies weren’t impressed the man’s impromptu economic lecture didn’t go unnoticed in one of the most important institutions in the land – the RBA itself. We spoke with the Governor of the RBA who said the man had his heart in the right place, adding,

“Yes, obviously it was quite a simplified explanation of inflation but it goes to show at least someone is listening to me. We must reduce spending and this man has come up with a very creative way to do that. I think I’ll be *reducing my sending* at Woolies later today”

We understand this stand-up citizen was later seen fighting inflation at a petrol station before driving off with the nozzle still stuck in his car. The Governor remarked, “outstanding. Simply outstanding”

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