Twiggy outdoes Gina’s $100k gifts by giving 10 employees a ‘15 79 series Landcruiser

Never one to be outshone in the realm of generosity, the Twigman has responded to the news of Gina Rinehart gifting 10 employees 100 thousand clams by giving out some true gold. Mechanical gold. 

10 employees across his range of interests received a 2015, 79 Series Landcruiser with 250,000km on the clock and assurances made that they had never been fully submerged at Cable Beach. Some are calling the generosity “absurd”. 

A 79 series expert told The Times that these flogged-out rust buckets could fetch up to $120k+ on the secondhand market. Saying he’d seen one go for $150k because the seller was particularly fond of the collection of bloke bumper stickers on the back.

A source close to Twiggy said the man had collected quite a surplus of LandCruisers in his pursuit of being Australia’s most Aussie, Aussie. So why not throw the dogs a coupla bones and show up Gina in the process. Adding,

“Mr Forrest has given 10 employees the gift of flogging an extremely overvalued second-hand rig on FB Marketplace. What a beautiful experience they are in for. It surely shits all over Gina’s $100k in useless cash”

We are unsure of the exact selection criteria however we were told by a source close to the Twigmeister that they were awarded to employees with the least scuffed R M Williams on. Which no doubt would’ve been a fierce contest. 

We managed to score a chat with a recipient of one of the 79 series who said he couldn’t be more chuffed. Adding,

“I’ve already got her up for $200k, I reckon i’ll get a few bites but might have to lower the price down to $180k. Mate, I reckon I could get some of these fellers to suck my wanga for one”

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