Large King Brown Snake Decides To Make Itself Home in a Tarago in Gero

Regional WA is known for spicy locals and even spicier snakes.

Here we see a majestic King Brown decide to get out of the morning sun and chill on someone’s Tarago at Sunset Beach car park.

Unable to find the owners on the beach, he did his bit to try and warn the driver by posting in the usual community groups:

Lucky Darren aka DD was there to see the slippery little sucker. Check it out HERE:


uh oh, brown snake finding his way into a car in Gero (DRAGE aka DD)

♬ original sound – thebelltowertimes

According to Darren the beast was 6ft. Which you’d really be asking to chip in for fuel money in this economy.

Quite the unit and packing one of the deadliest bites in the game.

Certainly not a snake you want to try your luck with. Even if he’s being a polite young man in your chassis.

Hopefully the owners are all good!

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