BOMBSHELL: Stirling Highway named in released Epstein papers

An elite & powerful highway hailing from Perth has been sensationally named in the Epstein papers which have been released by the American Courts this week.

The presence of the elite Perth infrastructure comes as no surprise to many who always thought that the highway was “sus af”.

We spoke to a Mosman Park woman who can’t believe she let her children ride on the Highway. Adding,

“It all makes sense looking back on it. If anything from Perth was going to feature on those cursed papers it would be Stirling Highway. Just a reprehensible stretch of road”

Sources tell The Times that Epstein had a close relationship with Stirling Highway and would regularly fly to Perth just to be on it.

Hindsight is always 20:20 but surely this should’ve been a massive red flag for authorities. What kind of bloke likes Stirling Highway?

A bloke that can’t be trusted, evidently. A real sicko.

Time will tell if Stirling Highway will face any consequences for its close connection with the disgraced rock spider.

Typical, bloody typical.

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