Lifelong Emu Bitter man accuses family of trying to poison him after being given a crafty at the pub

A staunch Emu Bitter drinker has caused a scene this afternoon after catching up with his family for a birthday lunch.

Ed was clearly uncomfortable with the venue but was assured by his son in law that it’s a good joint and it’s good to try new things.

Leading the charge, the son in law Bryce sent up and got a round of drinks for the table. He decided this was Ed’s time to try a double hazy IPA.

Ed looked at the pint before asking Bryce if he was taking the piss. Claiming the beer was clearly off given it’s opaque colour. Bryce assured him it was fresh and to give it a go.

Ed bravely resisted for 20 whole minutes before his daughter held his hand, looked him in his eyes and told him it’d mean so much to them if he took a sip. So he did.

We spoke to Ed who had finally been restrained by six staff members as he waved a chair at anyone who approached him. He told The Times,

“That little mongrel tried to off me! He’s had his eye on me boat ever since my daughter made the mistake of letting him slide a hand up her blouse”

A staff member confirmed that Ed has his son in law in a squirrel grip demanding the antidote while trying to swallow his boat key so the boy would never get it, adding,

“His quick thinking wife ran to the nearest bottlo and got an Emu Bitter. One she got back and administered the antidote he was calmer. Although he wouldn’t leave until we gave him some of the beer in a sealed container. He said he was taking it to the lab “

Ed then demanded to speak to the publican to give him a piece of his mind.